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About Team Be Better Sports


Be Better Sports was forged on the little league ball field.

Be Better Sports was started by a group of parents whose kids didn’t always get the best coaching. Many little-league coaches are thrown into the deep end with little prior experience.

When coaches lack enough experience, improving your game is challenging. If you live in an under-served area, advancing is nearly impossible. Be Better Sports levels the playing field.

Be Better Sports makes success possible for every athlete.capture-exampleanalyze-examplerepeat-example

Be Better Sports leverages modern technology, making quality coaching available to every athlete. Using our online coaching platform, you can:

  • Record your performance on your smart phone.
  • Submit the video to a professional coach.
  • Get personalized, results-oriented feedback.

Quality advice is key to athletic achievement. That’s why we only hire college or professional level coaches; implement a user rating system; and make sure you get detailed, easy to apply advice.

We’re excited to improve your game.

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